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STARBALM Singapore

KT Tape Classic

KT Tape Classic

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STARBALM Kinesiology Tape Classic is designed to provide pain relief and flexible support to help keep you and your muscles active and recovering. KT tape is, quite literally, tape that you apply to your muscles. It’s an elastic tape that provides sensory input into an area and provides support & stability to the joints & muscles but still allows for a full range of motion.

It combines pain relief, support, and mobility for active recovery, delivering sensory input to the area without restricting your movement. Stay active during your healing journey with this versatile tape.

✔ Elasticity over 170% 
✔ Adhesion wearing up to 7 days
✔ Water resistant
✔ Skin-friendly
✔ Latex-free

Pack size: 5,0cm x 5,0m

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