Water Polo National League 2024

Water Polo National League 2024

The Singapore Water Polo National League is back! The action kicks off with the 14-under category at Tampines Hub.

9 teams in the 14U category and 7 teams in the 24U category will battle it out over 7 game weeks for the coveted top spot and the title of champion! Who will emerge victorious? Witness the thrilling journey unfold.

STARBALM had the privilege of witnessing the thrilling Singapore Water Polo Finals among the U24 Men, an event pulsating with passion and skill. Amidst the electrifying atmosphere, STARBALM stood alongside these dedicated athletes, offering essential sports care therapy to ensure peak performance and recovery.

As the players battled it out in the pool, STARBALM's commitment to supporting athletes' well-being shone through, providing them with the care they needed to excel. It's moments like these that showcase STARBALM's unwavering dedication to the sporting community, standing as a trusted ally in every athlete's journey towards success and excellence.

Congratulations to the winners of the Singapore Water Polo National League after an exhilarating 7 match weeks!

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